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Meet your stylist, Elon! Through her journey and with integrity, Elon has been able to provide the highest of quality service in the natural hair care industry. Though there may be a stigma behind it, Elon knows no such thing.

The Hair Ministry is the only place in the world that provides the divine experience and Elon definitely marks the greatest of standards!



As a little girl, I always loved doing hair – whether it was my dolls, my friends, my parents, and of course myself. I always found a way to do someone’s hair no matter where I was. My mom’s best friend owned a hair salon, so I spent a lot of time there growing up. After trying to explain to my mother that I wanted to go to Harvard to study cosmetology she of course laughed and told me that I should go to college and study business and entrepreneurship so I could one day own my own hair salon. I agreed and decided to go to Bethune Cookman University on a full academic scholarship to study business. I then went on to receive my cosmetology license from Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers.



Since receiving my license, I have been traveling all over the country services clients as a mobile Hair Stylist. I decided to call my business The Hair Ministry because I believe that my abilities as a hair stylist are a gift from God. I was taught that we should use our giftings as a ministry and to ultimately spread the love of God. This is exactly what I do with The Hair Ministry. The Hair Ministry is more than just a hair experience, it’s a divine appointment. Every client is treated with special care holistically. 

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